Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am writing this a few days after Thanksgiving,but that's ok. We had a great thanksgiving with my husband's family. It was great to see everyone. There are some family members that we have not seen in almost a year. It seems as though we all have very busy lives with jobs, family,and other obligations.We often miss out on just being together with family and getting to spend time together and just talk to each other. It doesn't matter what you talk about,but it is important to talk to form relationships or to build on the relationships you already have.We need to put away our cell phones and IPODS and sit face to face with each other and just TALK.Whether it's your spouse,your child,brother,sister,parent,or friend. My stepdaughter and I did this just this morning.We woke up early and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We were there at 630 am. For a 15 year old teenage girl that was awesome that she even wanted to get up and go at that hour of the morning.We have done this on several occasions.We sat by the warm fire,ate french toast and just talked. That was FUN even at that hour of the morning.We are growing our relationship-That is GOD at work! Continuing the Journey!

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  1. Nice pic! Yes- I LOVE cracker barrel breakfast and sitting by the fire, drinking coffee and playing checkers with my girls. Makes for good memories. :>)


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