Monday, September 6, 2010


My stepdaughter got her drivers permit a few weeks ago and I have been teaching her how to drive. Raising a stepdaughter is much like learning to drive. With both you have to have a huge dose of patience. You encounter many hills you have to go up and down with learning to drive and with raising a stepchild. Sometimes you make a wrong turn and go down the wrong road with both situations. You pray to our Almighty God for strenghth in either of these situations. I am really enjoying teaching my stepdaughter how to drive. It has really been fun and has allowed us to get to know each other even more. I feel that you have to have somewhat of the same attitude with raising a stepdaughter. I am enjoying raising my stepdaughter. She is changing into a beautiful, smart and confidant teenager. I strive to teach her to appreciate and enjoy each new day God gives to us. I want her to know that God is her strenghth daily and he will guide her as she drives down the road of life. I pray that God will mold me into a blessing for her. On this drive and journey I give my God all the glory, without him I would be nothing. Thanks for the abundant life you have given me!!

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