Sunday, August 15, 2010


When you became a stepmom, you also became a grief counselor.You may not have realized that this is part of your role as a stepmom, but it is.Stepchildren are grieving children due to the losses they have experienced in their lives.Losses due to divorce,loss of security,death of a parent and many other things.My stepdaughter lost her mother at the age of 12. She is now 15 and I am amazed by her growth and strenghth as I have daily watched her.I know that she is coming to terms with the reality of her loss and that life does not always seem fair.I know her sorrow lingers.Grief is a journey,not a destination.I am watching her take this journey.As a stepmom,you need to show compassion and understanding.Be there for them.You can not fix their pain and sadness from their losses,but God can.My heavenly Father is no stranger to grief or loss.I pray that God will help me to be a stepmom with love and compassion for my stepdaughter.That God will mold my heart to be like his so that I can be a blessing to my stepdaughter.Thank you God for helping me daily with my journeys of being a stepmom!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Stepfamilies are becoming the most common type of families in America. There are many issues that come with living in a stepfamily.As a stepmom, the job is much more complex than I imagined.I want to be able to influence my children and stepdaughter in a godly way. Being a stepmom is a difficult role at times. Here are some things to remember as you go along your stepmom journey that may help. Don't expect everyone to be happy all the time. Learn to let go of things that you can't control. Learn about normal stepfamily issues so you can make sense of circumstances that you are going through. stepmoms need to be flexible when possible. Stepmoms need to accept that being a stepmom is unfair and lonely at times. Stepmoms need to know that she may not see the fruits of her sacrifices until the children become adults. this process takes time and patience and alot of PRAYER.Know that you will never become the real mom to your stepchild.It's OK -don't go nuts trying to. In closing , learn to be warm ,trusting and available to your stepchildren, then hopefully your relationship will slowly grow for you and your stepchildren.I continue to pray for GOD to show me how to be the kind of stepmom he wants me to be.

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