Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

        Behind every good stepmom is a good husband.For a step family to be successful it is imperative that the dad be an active participant. As a stepmom, you may feel prepared and determined to tackle the job of being a stepmom, but without your husbands support, it is impossible. If your husband is an engaged parent with his children in the home, your role as a stepmother becomes much easier. I am so very blessed to be married to a great husband and dad to his daughter. The qualities he has as a dad remind me how blessed we are as a family.He is committed to his family and child.He spends more time with his child than the ordinary dad and thinks about how to nurture his child.He knows his child's needs and temperment. He strives to be involved in his child's life-school,friends and church.He models a healthy,loving relationship with me providing a model of a healthy marriage.He is the spiritual leader for our home.He strives to grow in being a husband and father. In doing this, he brings many blessings to me and his daughter. Thanks for all you do!
     Happy Father's Day Mike!! Love you!!

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