Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank You to My Husband

I want to thank my husband for all the things that he does to support me as a stepmom.You take your job/role as a husband and a father very seriously.You talk with me about step parenting issues and respect and honor my input.You are patient when I get frustrated.You give me encouragement when I need it.You love me unconditionally.You give this family spiritual leadership. Thanks for getting up early after only a few hours of sleep to go to the Men's fraternity at church and for what you learned and are trying to do as a Godly husband and father.Thanks for realizing that my success as a stepmom greatly depends on you.Without you,I probably would not succeed.But with your support ,I can.Thanks for listening to me about the many things I ramble about.Thanks for doing your part to give me a strong foundation to stand on as a stepmom.Thanks for being my advocate and always sticking by my side.I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. GOD truly blessed me when HE brought you into our lives.You have shown me how beautiful life is and how to live everyday with purpose. With GODS guidence and your support I have become a better person,better husband, and a I hope I have become a better parent as well.It is for sure Hope has benefited from your involvment in her life.I have seen a change in her that I can only praise my LORD and you for providing her.I am the lucky one in this marriage and this family that you have made for us.My GOD is an awesome GOD and I am have recieved so much more from HIM than I deserve to have in my life.Thank you for loving me. I love you Jackie!!

  2. I am pretty sure I am not commenting in the right place but I couldn't figure out where or how to comment anywhere else. This whole website encouraged my socks off!!! So thankful that we have both youth like Hope and parents like y'all!!! God WILL be glorified through Hope's willingness to share her story tonight! I am excited to watch Him use her in such a Mighty way!


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