Monday, January 10, 2011


Stepmothers: Collect Your Evidence

Posted: 10 Jan 2011 04:34 AM PST

I wanted to share this great article with you from"Becoming A  Stepmom".Very good!

There are stretches of time in which I notice every little thing my husband does wrong. Know what I mean? My eyes see that he has dropped his clean clothes in a pile beside the bed instead of how hot he looks in his new sweater. I see that he has left the shovels out on the front porch instead of noticing how he pulled me in for a hug while we made dinner. I begin collecting evidence about how MUCH I do and how LITTLE he does to support our household. Does this sound familiar to you?

Not a great way to build a strong partnership.

So how about if we collect evidence that our partners LOVE us and focus on that instead? Take a moment and write down all the evidence that your partner loves you. Write down all the ways in which you’re perfect for each other and the ways he supports you. Make a list of all the activities you love doing together or those small moments you spend together that you love the most.

Laminate the list and pull it out when you want to feel more lightness and love in your relationship.
This article is from "Becoming A Stepmom"


  1. I must say that Jackie is the foundation to our family.Without her many of the things for the family would not get done.As Jackies husband she does put up with all my "Micky Mouse" ways and still loves me unconditionally no matter what. I know I can get on her last nerve from time to time,but she always forgives me. (It is my "sex-appeal" and wonderful charm) that she can't resist."ha-ha-ha" My HEAVENLY FATHER blessed me in a way that I cannot thank HIM enough when HE sent Jackie to marry me and lead her to be my wife and share the best that life has to offer.GOD is an awesome GOD and I see that everyday when I awake and see Jackie by my side.


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